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Custom Cast & Molded Urethane Products

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Precision Cast and Spincast Polyurethane Sheets

Poured Polyurethane Cast Sheets

spincast urethane sheets Pouring urethane into mold for cast sheets

Our custom molded polyurethane division can produce precision cast polyurethane sheets from both polyether and polyester urethanes. We can accurately cast sheets at standard film thicknesses of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4". ESI polyurethanes can be formulated in a wide range of hardness to replace soft and hard rubber and to extend the life of the part. Our Precision Cast Urethane Sheets offer exceptional cut and tear resistance for most impact applications. Chute linings are good examples of the product's excellent abrasion resistance.

Virtually all of our Precision Cast Urethane Sheets are poured using high production plural component pumps. These pumps are designed for precision mixing and to eliminate any possibility of off-ratio material being applied.

Due to the integration of NEW highly sophisticated blending equipment and delivery systems,
our casting process offers quick turnaround times.

Spincast urethane sheets spincast sheets color options for spincast sheets

Unique Spin Cast Polyurethane Sheets!

Elastomer Specialties' SPIN CAST system guarantees to consistently and uniformly produce 4' x 8' urethane sheets that have a critical tolerance of ± 0.005" and cured film thickness of 1/8” up to 1/2”. Standard hardness ranges from 70 Shore A up to 95 Shore A. Standard colors are Black or Yellow. We have in-house chemical and technical expertise to custom tailor formulations that will meet your specifications.
Multiple colors are also available upon request. Call to request a specific color or for pricing.

Innovators of Molded Polyurethane and Hybrid Polyurea Technology!

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