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Custom Cast & Molded Urethane Products
               Spray Applied Systems - 3D Printing

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Custom Cast & Molded Polyurethane Parts - Spray Applied Systems - 3D Printing
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         Elastomer Specialties is ready to help both Electrical Contractors and Powerline companies by providing 'IMMEDIATE' help.
         Our rapid response to relining aluminum sheave channels is the best in the business.
         We restore sheaves nationwide and as far away as Puerto Rico.  Click here to see more . . .


Urethane Renovation of Aluminum Sheaves & Pulleys worn turning rollers

Our unique preparation and re-application of urethane to worn out powerline aluminum sheaves, conveyor rollers, molded wheels and casters offers our . . . Learn More . . .


Urethane Fork Tine Sleeves E-Z Boots worn turning rollers

E-Z Boot is a high quality, custom molded, urethane forklift fork sleeve, engineered to stand up against extreme abuse and environmental conditions. Excellent abrasion resistance . . . Learn More . . .



Polyurethane Cast V-Roller Refurbishing worn turning rollers

To have the highest quality of resurfaced V-rollers, ESI's program to resurface old worn V-rollers is the ideal solution for commpanies in the pipeline and related industries. The process is . . . Learn More . . .



Wind Power Turning Rollers worn turning rollers

Refurbishing huge diameter turning rolles with Elastomer Specialties' custom formulated polyurethane is the system that provides . . . Learn More . . .


Poured & Spin Cast Polyurethane Sheets yellow spincast sheets

Our custom molded polyurethane division can produce precision cast polyurethane sheets from both polyether and polyester urethanes. Learn more . . .



Polyurethane Roller Lagging worn turning rollers

The development of ESI's hybrid polyurethane, cures in seconds not hours, changed the way roller cans are coated. Multiple layers can be added to the cans. . . Learn More . . .



Steel Backed Polyurethane Strips worn turning rollers

Cast polyurethane will bond to almost any substrate to create a protective surface. The material bonds extremely well to properly prepared steel surfaces and . . . Learn More . . .



3-D Printing Capabilities worn turning rollers

Elastomer Specialties' NEW 3-D printing capabilities is designed for customers looking for a quick turn-a-round time and ability to have . . . Learn More . . .



Why Use Polyurethane?

color options for spincast sheets

Polyurethane is a unique material that can offer the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of various types of metal. Polyurethane is also much more resistant to cutting than rubber with greater impact resistance. Since polyurethane is available in a broad range of hardness, it allows engineers to replace the rubber, plastic and some metals with the ultimate in abrasion resistance and physical properties.

Polyurethane can reduce plant maintenance and overall OEM product cost. Using high quality ultra-tough polyurethane
will also cut down-time, maintenance and cost of parts to a fraction of the previous cost.

Additional Advantages for the Use of Polyurethane over Rubber

bullet    Higher Abrasion Resistance          bullet   Greater Tear Strength          bullet   Reduces Noise          bullet   Longer Flex-Life           bullet   Higher Load Bearing Capacity
bullet    Greater Oil, Fuel and Solvent Resistance         bullet   Not Subject to Ozone Cracking           bullet   Urethanes are Pourable and Castable Which Makes for Cheaper Tooling
bullet    Urethanes Will NOT Compromise Physical Properties with hardnesses up to 90 Shore A like Rubbers
bullet    Urethanes are Available in Numerous Colors (Black, Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Greens, ETC.)

Innovators of Molded Polyurethane and Hybrid Polyurea Technology!

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