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Custom Cast & Molded Urethane Products

Spray Applied Systems

  • Custom Cast Urethanes
  • Recasting Urethane Parts
  • Machine Shop
  • Pipeline urethane parts
  • Urethane pipeline parts
  • Roller Lagging urethane parts
  • Urethane forklift sleeves
  • Urethane Spin Cast Sheets
Pipeline Parts
casting urethane strip

Rack padding, die-liners, flat and V-rollers, wheels, fork tips and covers and many more urethane products are custom made for pipe manufacturing and pipeline construction companies. Our tremendous production capability includes bonding a vast variety of urethanes to various types of metal surfaces.



casting urethane strip We can provide cast urethane compounds ranging from a hardness of Shore 20A to a Shore 80D with physical properties that will meet your most demanding specifications. Our rapid production and turnaround in the urethane remolding of rollers greatly reduces customer down time and offers a significant savings over new roller purchases.



urethane roller for pipeline industry

If you are a distributor or manufacturer of pipeline equipment, products or parts and are looking for a source that can provide you with quality engineering, new part production, resurfacing or totally rebuilding, then ESI is your total solution. Our in-house, turn-key prodution facility is designed to provide you with rapid turnaround time, affordable pricing and the highest of quality.



casting part for pipeline industryurethane pipeline parts urethane V rollers for pipeline

urethane strips for forklifts

urethane forklift sleeve for moving coated pipe

    Large black rollers for conveyers

    black V rollers for pipeline industry

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