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Turning Roller Re-Casting
for the Wind Power & Associated Industries
Wind turbine towers Wind turbine towers Turbine tower roller Turbine tower roller
In recent years the Wind Power Industry has exploded and thousands of wind turbines are being installed both nationally and worldwide. The rollers that support these huge diameter towers during the manufacturing and coating process are extremely expensive. The life expectancy of the urethane or rubber on these cores is short lived.

The replacement of the entire roller core is too costly that is why ESI has a proven system to completely remove the old cast material from the core, professionally prepare the surface, then replace the old material with new custom cast urethane of the highest quality.

Our unique refurbishing technology is guaranteed to save our customers both time and money.

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turning roller - wornout

Keep Your Towers Rolling Smooth on the Most Durable Cast Urethane Available!

Roller refurbishing has been a major expertise of ESI for over 36 years. Our system gives our customers the most durable cast urethane available. The rollers are returned to our customers with more abrasive and chemical resistance and have longer lasting performance.

turning roller old urethane removed

When you send us your worn down turning rollers
or any roller for that matter, we remove the failed
rubber or urethane using our special process,
prepare the surface by grit-blasting and then send
it to our casting department.

Once the core surface is properly prepared and
then re-cast, The end result is the refurbished rollers
will meet or exceed most manufacturers' specifications.

The ESI Advantage:

grit-blasted turning rollers
  • Proven Performance
  • Industry's Most Durable Urethane Technology
  • Greater Chemical Resistance
  • Longer Roller Life Expectancy
  • Rapid Re-Casting Process and Turnaround
  • Unique Removal Process
  • Standard Colors are Yellow and Black
  • Additional Colors are Available on Request
  • Urethanes are able to withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low.
    (as low as -40°F)



Elastomer Specialties' turn-key operation keeps it all in-house. Out-sourcing is not
required which means constant control of your product from start to finish.

We Get It Right
the First Time!

When it comes to overall quality,
our 'Precision Performance
in Re-Casting'
is the best in the industry!

Wind turbine tower on roller

Wind turbine tower on rollers

Wind turbine tower roller

Wind turgine tower on roller

The Bottom Line . . . .
We Offer You Less Down Time, Higher Profit Margins and Greater Output!

Industry Leader in Re-Cast Rollers