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Steel Backed Urethane Strips

Economical Approach for FBE Coated Pipe Protection

urethane strips for FBE pipe

When cost is a factor, ESI's FBE Strip Protectors are the ideal solution for preventing the forklift tines from damaging delicate fusion bonded epoxy coated pipe. We use 10 and 11 guage steel cut in 8' and 10' lengths with urethane bonded to the surface, in widths of 2" up to 6" or wider. When we mold our urethane to the steel we leave No Less Than 1/2" spacing on either side of the steel strip. This method makes it easy to tack weld the strips to the fork tine.



urethane strips ESI's unique cast urethane formulation has been specifically engineered for high impact and abrasion resistance and comes in a bright caution yellow color. Our FBE Protectors can be welded onto either the lower or upper jaw of the fork tine. We highly recommend using some type of Carry-Lift Load Mover when handling coated pipe. The hydraulic upper jaw tightly holds the pipe in place and prevents it from sliding off of the FBE Urethane Protectors.


urethane strips for FBE pipe

Another place on the tine that needs the use of our FBE Protectors is on the back of the tine where it bends up 90 degrees. This section is constantly impacted as the pipe rolls onto the lower tine jaw. It stops once it hits the back of the tine. Protection here is a must.




urethane pipeline partsurethane pipeline parts

machining tool

urethane part

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