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E-Z Boot Custom Urethane Fork Sleeve Protectors
Engineered for Ultimate Protection in Handling FBE Coated Pipe
EZ Boot flyer

NOW there is a product on the market, guaranteed to protect delicate, Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coated pipe! E-Z BOOT is a high quality, custom molded, urethane forklift
fork sleeve, engineered to stand up against extreme abuse and environmental conditions.

Unlike other types of fork protectors, E-Z BOOTS are manufactured using a special urethane formulation that offers outstanding abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and excellent memory rebound. E-Z BOOTS will remain flexible, even in "SUB ZERO" temperatures without the threat of cracking or splitting.

Since no one single fork sleeve protector can serve every customers specific needs, E-Z BOOTS can be custom fit to each specific steel fork diminsion. There are literally hundreds of different steel fork designs and specified uses. It is for this very reason that E-Z BOOTS are tailor made. Once produced E-Z BOOTS are engineered for ease of installation and removal when necessary. They are fastened onto the steel fork using various types of custom connectors and systems.

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Urethane forklift fork sleeves urethane forklift fork sleeve urethane forklift fork sleeve urethane forklift fork sleeve

In certain situations a specific requirement may call for a fork sleeve that is stiff on the bottom but softer on top. This is where E-Z BOOT offers a dual-durometer fork sleeve. At Elastomer Specialties, we custom cast the actual fork sleeve with the hardness the customer has requested then we bond a softer durometer elastomer to the surface of the existing E-Z BOOT to create a slip resistant surface.

Regardless of your requirement, at ESI we have the expertise to manufacture any size, length or shape urethane fork sleeve protector. All we need is your specific dimensions and we can make what you are looking for.

urethane forklift fork sleeves urethane forklift fork sleeve urethane forklift fork sleeves urethane forklift fork sleeves

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