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Urethane Removal - Surface Preparation - Recasting Urethane Parts
urethane roller core in spinner hangor grit blaster

Surface preparation is the single most important process that is engineered to insure proper primer and urethane bonding just before the casting procedure takes place. Once steel, aluminum or galvanized goes through our surface preparation process, it comes out with a NACE SSPC-SP-5 (White Metal) blast profile.




urethane roller cores

Our state of the art surface preparation equipment (on the left) includes:

  • Large 201 SF HOFFMAN Enclosed Grit Blast Room
  • Automated COYOTE Spinner Hanger Grit Blast Chamber
  • WHEELABRATOR Self Feeding, Enclosed, Roller Core Grit Blaster



black urethane rollers ready for shipping

When you have Old Worn Out conveyor rollers, V-rollers, turning rollers, aluminum sheaves of all sizes as well as urethane molded wheels and casters, Do Not Discard Them. Let us save you money by completely refurbishing them.

Our company will take your old worn down parts and refurbish them to look like new. More importantly they will perform just as they once did and in many cases even better! More and more companies have discovered that we offer a complete, FAST-TRACK turn-around. After product removal and preparation we offer the latest and most durable urethane cast technology available.

Even though a large segment of our daily business is renovation, we also custom cast NEW conveyor rollers, wheels, sheaves and casters using only the highest quality in Thermo-Set elastomeric materials.

Here at Elastomer Specialties, our vast customer base includes, pipeline companies, the oil and gas
industry, power companies, off shore marine, light to heavy duty manufacturing, industrial, automotive
and numerous other worldwide market segments.

blasted urethane roller cores for pipelinesurethane pipeline parts roller cans for urethane rollers for pipeline

Blasting chamber

spinner hanger for blasting urethane parts

wheelabrator grit blast chamber 

worn out urethane V-roller
Old Worn V-Roller

cast urethane V-roller

ReCast V-Roller


Process of Refurbishing and Rebuilding Sheaves

  • Refurbishing urethane sheaves
  • Refurbishing urethane sheaves
  • Refurbishing urethane sheaves











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